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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

  1. Refund Policy

  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancelling or changing my online appointment. If you cancel prior to 48 hours, entire amount will be returned from the same mode of payment.

  • As a client, you understand that you will be charged the entire full session fee if you were to give less than 48 hours’ notice for cancellation, change the appointment time, or forget your appointment.

  • Although I utilize email or telephone reminders, you understand that you are responsible to remember and be online for your scheduled appointment, even in the event that the reminder technology fails. No refund issued in case of technicalities issues.

  1. Complete payment of the session is required 48 hours in advance. Your appointment will not proceed unless this payment has been made. If payment has not been received, your appointment time may be scheduled for another client.

  2. You understand that online counselling may not be appropriate if you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Internet counselling is not a substitute for medical care provided by a physician.

  3. Please communicate with me (your therapist) if you become dissatisfied with your treatment and I will work with you to discover what might be preventing progress, modify goals, or refer you to another therapist.

  4. You understand that you may experience increased discomfort in your personal life and relationships resulting from psychotherapy.

  5. Information you disclose will be kept private, unless you give me written consent to release it to a specified health professional.

  6. If you state or suggest that you are abusing a child (or vulnerable adult) or have recently abused a child or vulnerable adult, or a child or vulnerable adult is in danger of abuse, I am required by law to report this information to the appropriate social service and/or legal authorities.

  7. If you disclose intentions or a plan to harm another person, I am legally required to warn the intended victim and report this information to legal authorities.

  8. If you disclose or imply a plan for suicide, I am required by law to notify legal authorities and make reasonable attempts to notify your family.