Effective Online Counselling Services

Supporting Your Success

Holding Hands

Mentoring for Teachers

Guidance & Inspiration

We provide mentoringfor teachers in the areas of 

  1. Am I teacher?

  2. Career Guidance for teachers

  3. Professional Development for teachers

  4. Classroom Management 

  5. Understanding my class students

  6. Strategies to deal with students in my class

  7. Building rapport with school management, colleagues, students & their parents. 

Counselling for Parents & Children

Embrace Life’s Challenges

We provide counselling services for parents in the areas of - 

1. Guidance in selecting the school 

2. Guidance in selecting the board 

3. School readiness program

4. Complaints from school 

5. Behavioural challenges 

6. Social development delays

7. Improving eating habits in children 

8. Inculcating growth mindset

9. Build positive attitude in children

10. Issues with sleep

11. Toilet training


Other Services

Portfolio of Work